Spreading Blockchain in Sweden: VentureRocket Signs a Partnership Agreement with Swedish Blockchain Association!

Great news for all our network members: VentureRocket has partnered with Swedish Blockchain Association!

Swedish Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization that aims at building Swedish blockchain community, spreading blockchain knowledge, and providing network opportunities to all its members.

With the help of its blockchain-based platform, SBA builds a secure and transparent way for enterprises, organizations, developers, and other blockchain enthusiasts to connect and educate.

To enterprises and institutions, SBA offers educational sessions, talent hunting, finding upcoming blockchain events, expert tech consulting, finding new partners, and other professional services. Meanwhile, developers and other young blockchain enthusiasts can enjoy educational services, exploring job openings on the job portal provided by SBA, news and events’ updates, and blockchain consulting to boost their blockchain awareness and find career opportunities.

FutureBlock, aims to connect best blockchain industry startups and build a network of global blockchain ecosystems that spread blockchain knowledge and cooperate in a trustworthy and secure way. Thus, in this collaboration, we’ll provide SBA with the VentureRocket white label platform. In addition to that, SBA will access our network startups, accelerators, hubs, VCs, and other network members that could add value to spreading blockchain among SBA’s participants.

We believe that this cooperation will help us accelerate blockchain competence as well as bring more business partnership opportunities to both VentureRocket and SBA’s network members.