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IntoSleep is a revolutionary sleep app that helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better using AI-powered, science-based technology at the tip of your finger

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IntoSleep revolutionizes falling asleep using AI, biofeedback, and neuroscience

IntoSleep revolutionizes falling asleep by utilizing biofeedback and neuroscience, all at your fingertips. This science-based approach addresses the root causes of insomnia, breaking the cycle of anxiety and stress by directly affecting the autonomic nervous system.

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AI-Powered Sleep

Track your sleep patterns and receive personalized insights for better sleep

How simple is it?

When in bed, wear a wireless finger sensor and open the IntoSleep app.

Your real-time physiological data collected from the sensor generates two feedback channels. An audio biofeedback sound and tactile stimulation inside the thimble lead your autonomic nervous system towards sleep, breaking the cycle of anxiety and stress.

Better and faster sleep

Real-time, in-bed

No effort, no lifestyle changes sleep solution based on your real-time psychological parameters