IntoSleep – Sleep at Your Fingertips!

IntoSleep helps people with insomnia caused by stress, poor sleep habits, anxiety and overwork sleep better

IntoSleep utilizing biofeedback and neuroscience to actively promote falling asleep, leading to faster and better sleep

IntoSleep is a customized biofeedback solution for real-time sleep learning, comprising of a mobile app and a wireless finger sensor.

Science-Based, AI Powered Sleep Solution that 

Promotes Personalized In-bed Sleep Learning

IntoSleep’s solution utilizes biofeedback science and neuroscience to accelerate sleep

IntoSleep’s biofeedback sleep solution interacts with the user. The biofeedback loop leads the user’s autonomic nervous system towards sleep

IntoSleep’s AI sleep solution shortens the wake-sleep transition phase and optimizes sleep

How It Works

IntoSleep is a simple at-home digital health sleep solution comprising a mobile app and a wireless finger sensor

When going to sleep, put on our thimble, and open IntoSleep mobile App 

Biofeedback data from the finger sensor is processed in real time by the app and generates two feedback channels, audio and tactile.  

The feedback channels  are guiding the autonomic nervous system towards sleep

Repeated use enhances the effect


IntoSleep helps the user to fall asleep (not only monitor the sleep quality).

AI powered solution based on diverse data sources (physiological, at-home and personal data)

Real time sleep solution

Simple, at-home sleep solution

No effort or lifestyle changes

Changing the future of sleep is our mission 

  • Carmit Lev Solash

  • Noam Hadas

פרופ תלמה הנדלר

Prof. Talma Hendler (MD PhD) 

Prof. Hendler is a Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University, and the founding director of the Sagol Brain Institute, Sourasky Medical Center



Dr. Arnon Rolnick 

Dr. Rolnick established the Israeli Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and served on the board of the American Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.