InToSleep – Your Personal Sleep Coach!

InToSleep assists people with insomnia, caused by stress, bad sleep habits, and overwork from their daily life.

InToSleep shortens the time it takes to fall asleep and improves the sleep quality, in an advanced and yet a very easy to use way.

InToSleep is a customized biofeedback system for sleep learning, comprising of a smartphone application, a wireless finger sensor, and a ceiling projector.

InToSleep Solution

InToSleep is a customized biofeedback system for sleep learning.

InToSleep biofeedback mechanism, interacts with the user and makes it the most efficient product for insomnia!

Intosleep System

How does InToSleep Work 

InToSleep system comprises of a smartphone application, a wireless finger sensor in a thimble, and a ceiling projector.


When the user goes into bed, the user wears the thimble on one finger, opens the mobile application and inserts the smartphone into the projector, that projects images on the ceiling, just above the user’s head, and plays audio. 


The user then enters the bed, and looks at the ceiling image and listens to the audio the mobile application plays. 

The Biofeedback Process

The biofeedback data coming from the finger sensor is processed by the mobile application and changes both the image projected and the audio.


The biofeedback loop leads the autonomic nervous system towards sleep. Repeated use enhances the effect. The user only needs to look at the changing images and listen to the audio feedback to fall asleep.


InToSleep teaches the user how to fall asleep (not only monitor the sleep quality).

InToSleep intervenes in the anesthesia process and guides the body how to get through it successfully.

InToSleep process is unconscious and requires no effort, change or dedication of time for practice.

InToSleep process is progressive, as each cycle strengthens its effect, the ability to sleep is acquired even when not using the device.

Using InToSleep is very simple, easy, and cost effective. It does not require any technical knowledge or prior experience

Making people sleep better is our mission!

  • Asaf Santo

  • Noam Hadas

  • Asaf Yosifov

  • Vasile Nastas

  • Tzahi Kanza

  • Alex Cucer


Dr. Arnon Rolnick 

Dr. Rolnick established the Israeli Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and served on the board of the American Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.


Mr. Joe Anderson 

Mr. Anderson is a frequent international speaker and educator who is multi-credentialed in Sleep, Clinical Sleep Health Education, Respiratory Therapy, and Pulmonary Function.